Have A Plan

Ready to Respond



“Every American is a critical member of our nation’s emergency response team,” says FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. “By taking a few simple steps now, each of us can make sure we are better prepared for the next emergency or disaster.”

To help your organization become better prepared for and more resilient in the face of emergencies of all kinds, look for our “Private Sector Preparedness"

This week’s tip: Keep a current copy of your critical business files on an easily portable external storage device, such as a thumb drive or CD-ROM that you can take with you in an evacuation. Also consider using a remote server to minimize interruptions if your facilities are impacted by flood, fire, power outage or other hazard.

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Try these drills at home, school and work! Remember be prepared!!!!

“9/11 Drill Down for Safety”

Spot #1: Family Safety Drill (:30 seconds)

Some family conversations are fun (noise, laughter)

Some family conversations are thoughtful (“you know, I think this would look good on you”)

This September 11, have a family conversation that can save your life!

Do a family communication ‘drill,’ to review how you’d get back in touch… and where you’d rendezvous when faced with a natural disaster… or other emergency. Learn more from the non-profit dedicated to protecting America: The Safe America Foundation! Go to and learn how your family can be ‘ready’ to handle any emergency.

Spot #2: Parents: Learn How to Text (:30 seconds)

There’s a new language sweeping America… one that’s grabbing hold of our youth… and helping them say things quickly… using cell phones without having to talk! It’s the language of ‘texting,’ and for adults it may be a new language… but one that’s not difficult to learn. And, during an emergency, texting may actually help you and your family stay ‘in touch’… because texts may ‘get through,’ even if voice communications is down. This September 11, learn how to text. And, then, conduct a family emergency "communications drill’ with your teens, to practice how to use it. Learn more at

Spot #3: (for use on 9/4 – 9/11) – CONDUCT a 6:15 PM DRILL

What’s going to happen at 6:15 pm this September 11?

A lot of people will be using their cell phones…

To talk. To text. All of it, to practice… what they will do immediately after an emergency.

It’s a practice drill… known as ‘Drill Down for Safety.” And it’s the beginning of an annual experience to acknowledge that even if a disaster strikes, there are things we can do… to handle it… and bounce back.

Learn how you can be involved… and protect your family through practice… visit

Spot #4: Business Safety Drill (:30 seconds)

This 9/11, there’s something you and your employees can do… to test your ability to handle any emergency. Conduct a communications drill… on how you’d react in any natural disaster…and the steps you’d immediately take… to shelter-in-place… or evacuation.

Learn more from the non-profit dedicated to protecting America… the Safe America Foundation.

Go to And to help your kids learn what they should do in an emergency, have them visit online 9/11… DRILL DOWN FOR SAFETY!

Douglas Leard 2014